CARBOWELD Schweissmaterialien GmbH

For more than 40 years now, CARBOWELD has been developing and producing high-grade welding filler metals "made in Germany"
By offering more than 150 different alloys for joint and build-up welding, CARBOWELD is a world leading manufacturer of stick electrodes and flux cored wires. CARBOWELD products are used preferably in equipment manufacturing, the cement, mining and chemical industries as well as in the power plant construction.

Our portfolio: rod electrodes, flux cored wires, solid wires, bare rods.
Our alloys: cast iron, hard surfacing, tool steels, nickel-base alloys, cobalt-base alloys, high-alloyed steels, wear protection, tungsten carbide additives and many more.

BICG proudly announces its readiness to supply electrode, filler and other items that are used in welding in power plants, mine and cement and Petrochemical and refinery.