Product Specification:

  • Plain Rod : 5.2, 5.5 – 22 mm (in 0.5 mm increments)
  • Coil weight : 2.48 ton  maximum
  • Coil Outside Dia: 1250 mm
  • Coil Inside Dia : 850 mm

Dimensional Tolerance:

  • Size
(mm): 5.5 – 22.0
  • Tolerance
(mm): +/- 0.10
  • Maximum Quality
(mm): 0.12



Low Carbon Grades: SAE 1006/1008/1010/1012/1015/1018/1020, CAQ 

Medium Carbon Grades: SAE1030/1035/1038/1040/1541/EN8D 

High Carbon: HC36/40, HC41/45, HC51/55, HC56/60, HC61/65, HC66/70, Tb68, HC71/75, HC76/80, HC81/85, PSC116, SWR52A, SWR62A, SWR82A

Cold Heading Quality: SAE1010/1015/1018/1020, SAE10B21, SAE15B25, SAE15B41, 19MnB4 

 Electrode Quality Grades: EQ(IS2879), JSPL Weld(MIG), EM12K

 Free Cutting Grades : SAE 12L14,EN 1A,EN 8M,EN 15AM

Ball Bearing Grades: EN31, SAE52100 

Alloy Grades: 16MnCr5,20MnCr5,SCM 415H,SCM 420H,SAE8620,SAE4135,SAE4140 



  • Fasteners, bolts, rivets, screws,
  • General purpose wires,
  • Electrode wires, industrial wires, agriculture wires,
  • Bush wires, chain rivet wires,
  • Detonator wire,
  • Umbrella ribs, upholstery wires, cycle spokes, needle wires, heald wires, staple pin Wire, safety pin wires
  • ACSR wires, earth wires,
  • Tyre and hose reinforcement wires,
  • Prestressed concrete wire, springs and rope wires,
  • Card clothing wires,
  • Vineyard wires,
  • Ball bearing quality
  • Automobile parts like screw, fasteners, bush, spline, socket, connecting rod, shaft, gear, rivets, engine shaft, connecting rod, spindles, gears, etc.